A novelty in the continuity
to make your dreams come true safely!

Novelty in the continuity!

With 10 years of experience in the development and renovation through Confodari entity, Modern Steel is a company specialized in metalwork.

Design and timeless, the steel is developed from a unique know-how and can withstand stresses, both mechanical and chemical.

Its malleability, meanwhile, adapts to all architectural or decorative configurations from the simplest to the most complex.

This is why the new steel profiles enter the market massively, because they allow a multitude of possibilities of creations.

Thanks to its extensive range, steel is the ultimate product to achieve all the desired shapes whether they are traditional or contemporary, and allow to implement all kind of styles.

It is therefore naturally that we have specialized in this field and introduced this material to the Moroccan market, offering it to our customers in all our projects.

Our team is made up of experts working with state-of-the-art methods that meet the standards in force by surrounding ourselves with international external expertise in the field, as much in the choice of its service providers as in the reinforcement of its teams.

This gathering of optimal competences makes it possible to achieve all the requested services by ensuring ever more innovative materials and at the cutting edge of technology to make your dreams come true safely.

It is in our workshop that everything is created.

Our team is consisted of highly qualified professionals who rely on profile-manufacturers.

From general expertise to site expertise,our engineers and our design office know how to choose the product that will meet all your designs, constraints or requirements.

We work in close collaboration with our different service providers by uniting our specific know-how to bring you an optimal result by taking into account the specificities of each profile.

We intervene at all levels of the manufacturing process:

  • Conceptualization: : entrust us your desires; we will imagine them and draw them.
  • The study: : from our conceptualization or in response to the plans already established by your architects, we carry out the in-depth study of your work.
  • Implementation plans: the study is then placed in the hands of our technical team who achieves the optimal execution possibilities in compliance with international standards in the field.
  • Execution:: we elaborate carefully the manufacture of your order and achieve in our workshop a trial assembly, to ensure the conformity of your order, before our team intervenes on your site with the finished product.

The entire process meets the international standards in force and the requirements of design offices and incorporates a Quality Control system based on four axes:

  • Conformity check of components upon receipt
  • Control of manufacturing procedures item by item.
  • Air-Water-Win tests
  • Quality Control

The range of profiles with which we work:

A gathering of skills at the cutting edge of technology for an optimal result.

Steel offers an alternative to regularly used materials including aluminum, and meets the different requirements and constraints.

Three times stronger than the aluminium, it allows to create fine shapes, and its assembly by welding, can sublimate all styles.

We surround ourselves by the best international " profile-manufacturers " expert on the subject to bring you a result where the least detail becomes possible.

Based in Rabat-Salé (Km 1,7 Sala al Jadida Road, Oulja), on an area of 2000m2, our factory is equipped with:

  • 120 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
  • 120 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
  • CNC plasma
  • 2 Sice with semi-automatic ribbon
  • 4 band saw
  • 80 Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Roller 2m / 6
  • Hercolina tube bending machine 40
  • Electric forklift 2,5 tons
  • 3 Ton Forklift
  • Electric hoist
  • Copy milling machine
  • 2 Hydraulic roller benders
  • 8 MIG Semi-Automatic Soldering Stations
  • 2 TIG AC / DC welding machines
  • Semi-automatic chainsaw
  • 2 tapping drills on table