Facades and Curtain Walls

Let the light in, the steel handles the rest

Combining robustness and aesthetics, safety and longevity, steel facades and curtain walls give a new majesty to modern buildings. Thanks to the wide system of profiles and mechanical fittings that we use in our workshops, we are able to carry out any type of request.


Where safety is a priority, our innovative profiles can also be used to create particularly massive, large-scale facades, which are ideal for official buildings, commercial buildings, banks, hotels or monumental buildings such as museums, exhibition centres, railway stations or airports.


Curtain walls are non-load-bearing walls, providing transparency and a feeling of lightness to the building they protect. Requiring little maintenance and allowing a wide range of architectural choices, they have several properties: they offer excellent insulation and can withstand fire, strong winds and extreme weather. Thanks to their thinness and lightness (at least 20% lighter than a traditional construction), they are also an economical choice.

We bring your projects to life with the materials of your choice:

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Zinc-Plated Steel
Stainless Steel
Corten Steel
Burnished Steel
Alu-Wood Hybrid
Galvanised steel has a high-performance alloy system on the surface, conferring corrosion resistance and a characteristic matt appearance.
Stainless steels are alloyed steels with a high and lasting resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
Corten steel is a raw steel, with a surface layer of rust acting as a barrier, preventing it from further degradation. It is currently very trendy and can be used for both exterior and interior applications.
The burnishing of steel gives it a cosy and aesthetic appearance, while possessing the qualities of stainless steel.
Outside, aluminium guarantees high resistance to the elements and low maintenance. Indoors, wood brings a natural and warm touch.
An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is undoubtedly the most aesthetic metal. Its golden appearance simultaneously expresses luxury and sophistication, tradition and memory.
Outside, aluminium guarantees great stability against the elements and requires little maintenance. Wood brings a natural touch to modern interiors.


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