With steel, you get safety... and design too!

Steel doors and gates are resistant to the passage of time and the elements, as long as they have been treated against corrosion. Other characteristics of steel are its malleability and its different colours, opening the way to an infinite variety of designs and patterns.


Blending in with the landscape, steel allows for the creation of solid, aesthetic and resistant gates, which can be adjusted to all exterior configurations, whether sliding or swinging, with or without motorisation.

We bring your projects to life with the materials of your choice:

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Zinc-Plated Steel
Stainless Steel
Corten Steel
Burnished Steel
Alu-Wood Hybrid
Galvanised steel has a high-performance alloy system on the surface, conferring corrosion resistance and a characteristic matt appearance.
Stainless steels are alloyed steels with a high and lasting resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
Corten steel is a raw steel, with a surface layer of rust acting as a barrier, preventing it from further degradation. It is currently very trendy and can be used for both exterior and interior applications.
The burnishing of steel gives it a cosy and aesthetic appearance, while possessing the qualities of stainless steel.
Outside, aluminium guarantees high resistance to the elements and low maintenance. Indoors, wood brings a natural and warm touch.
An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is undoubtedly the most aesthetic metal. Its golden appearance simultaneously expresses luxury and sophistication, tradition and memory.
Outside, aluminium guarantees great stability against the elements and requires little maintenance. Wood brings a natural touch to modern interiors.


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