Who are we ?

Since its creation, Modern Steel’s mission is to bring to the national and international market a range of innovative architectural solutions based on the use of metal.

Our story began in 2008 with Confodari, a general contractor specialising in secondary works. Combining organisational rigour and qualitative performance,   we have completed dozens of luxury residential projects, as well as tertiary spaces.

The evolution of customer expectations and the range of solutions offered by metal construction led the company to specialise and develop its own manufacturing workshop, giving rise in 2018 to the Modern Steel entity.

Why choose steel?

The history of working with steel and bronze goes back since time immemorial. Today, these metals and their alloys allow the development of profile systems offering ingenious shapes and increasingly ergonomic opening and sliding systems. The steels used by Modern Steel can be recycled and reused ad infinitum, and are manufactured through high-tech processes, enabling the structures to withstand all types of stresses over the long term.
Steel is a highly creative material that can be used to manufacture highly adaptable joinery. Its strength, malleability and high inertia allow for thin, slender frames capable of supporting very large glass panes, illuminating interiors and conferring elegance and robustness to buildings. These unique characteristics, combined with surfaces that are both pleasing to the eye and to the touch, add an extra dimension to all architectural styles and open up new horizons for architects around the world.

Our strengths

Our team is made up of young engineers, technicians and metal workers trained to international standards. With a love of their work, a mastery of drawings, processes and machines, steel comes to life every day in our workshop, from simple long profiles to multiform creations, ready to be installed.

At Modern Steel, surrounded by international experts in the field, we are constantly aware of technological advances and state-of-the-art steel technology, in order to offer the best in metal architecture, with an attractive quality/price ratio.
Our partners: architects, design offices, prescribers and promoters, trust us for the manufacturing of finished or semi-finished products, as well as their installation on site. We offer the possibility to follow, in real time, the entire process: production of design and execution plans, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, delivery and installation.