Bringing Steel to Life

Designer and Timeless

Modern Steel is a Moroccan company specialized in metallic architectural woodwork.

Our story begins in 2008 through the entity Confodari, a general TCE contractor. With rigorous management and serious qualitative requirements, Confodari creates luxury residential projects and tertiary spaces. Our clients’ expectations and an obvious affinity for the product inspired our team to get specialized in steel and develop our own workshop.

Fully recyclable and reusable, steel is elaborated through a unique know-how that allows it to resist every type of solicitation, be it mechanic or chemical. Its malleability, on the other hand, makes it adaptable to every architectural or decorative configuration, from the simplest to the most complex construction.


Know-how and Passion

Our team is made up of young engineers, technicians and metalworkers trained according to international standards. Sharing a common passion for their craft and a precise, up-to-date mastery of the diverse methods and tools required for such complex work, they are the best-suited to transform steel into multiple creations, either traditional, contemporary or blending many styles.

At Modern Steel, our passion pushes us to constantly stay up-to-date with the latest technological progresses in steel and steelwork. To complete our expertise, we surround ourselves with external international skills and partners, both in the strengthening of our team and our partners and providers.

Our architectural partners, design offices, specifiers, promoters, trust us for the production of finished or semi-finished products, as well as for end-to-end logistics. We offer the possibility to follow, in real time, the entire process: production of design, execution plans, product sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and delivery.