Steel Furniture

Give your interior space a unique charm with our tailor-made or original steel furniture

Appreciated for its robustness and its industrial effect, modern and vintage at the same time, metal furniture invites itself into your spaces while giving to your rooms a touch of timelessness that will evolve with you.

Directly according to your request or imagined in our workshop, the furniture that we design is varied and offers elegant, custom-made and high-quality pieces.

Steel: design and creativity come together to allow you to create the furniture of your dreams.


To accomplish every creative challenge, we bring together design and creativity and offer you high-end products such as:

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Zinc-Plated Steel
Stainless Steel
Corten Steel
Burnished Steel
Alu-Wood Hybrid
This versatile material presents an appropriate solution to every type of architectural project.
Its resistance in time makes this material a reliable choice for the most ambitious and complex constructions.
The combination of its refined qualities and its efficacy is ideal for the most exclusive and unique creations.
On top of increasing its resistance to corrosion, burnishing steel provides it with a rare aesthetic flair.
Light, malleable, resistant and polyvalent, aluminum makes it simple to model every architectural piece.
Gloss, resistance, hardness, color, luxury… brass is a timeless material for your creations.
Combine the elegance and isolation of wood and the modernity and versatility of aluminum for the best of both worlds.

If you don’t have an architect, confide your desires to us and we’ll conceptualise them for you!