Our Technical Resources

Steel is a protean material that lends itself to every type of architectural work. Its complexity requires a great variety of precise and powerful tools, and complete mastery over the productions means of metallic woodwork. The outcome? The materialisation of all your wishes with a result as unique as it is durable.


To create tailor-made projects and unique pieces, we are equipped in our 2500m² workshop with all the cutting-edge tools necessary for woodwork, construction, installation and delivery: slicing, carving, drilling, welding but also assembly, delivery means and all the small equipment.

Based in Salé’s industrial zone, with two workshops of a combined 2500m² surface area, we have a complete set of equipment:

  • 120-ton Hydraulic Press brake
  • 3m Guillotine Shears
  • CNC plasma
  • 1 Band Saw
  • 1 Semi-automatic Band Saws
  • Rolling machine 2m / 6
  • Hercolina 40 tube bender
  • Electric forklift 2,5 Tons
  • Painting Workstation with Compressed Air
  • Electric Hoist
  • Copier Milling Machine
  • 3-ton Forklift
  • 1 hydraulic Roller benders
  • 4 MIG semi-automatic Welding Workstation
  • 2 TIG AC/DC Welding Workstation
  • Semi-automatic chainsaw
  • 2 Table-Tapping drills
  • SmartLift 608 OUTDOOR High Lifter 600kg Load
  • 1 Aluminium Chainsaw
  • 1 Steel Chainsaw
  • 1 Jansen Welding Workstation